William E Cottle School - Science



Animal Research

» Amphibians, Reptiles & Fish Facts

» Bird Facts

» Mammal Facts


Choose Unit A: Living Things Chapter 2 The Animal Kingdom

» Kids Biology.com (click on animals and follow the steps!)

» Animal Diversity Web Homepage

» Amazing Animal Senses

» Learn finch facts. Sort finch species.



» Matter, Light, & Energy

» NYU Learning Links on MATTER:
» What is Matter
» States of Matter
» Matter Review

» Chem4Kids.com MATTER

Gases, liquids, solids animation (molecular make-up) & description

» Watch particles become solid, liquid, or gas
» Melting & Boiling Temperatures



» Video on Food Web

» Teacher Tube: Food Chains, Webs and Biomes

» Teacher Tube: Food Chain & Food Web featuring Wetland Habitat

» The Webs of Life Story

» Build a Food Web

» Explanation of the Food Chain and Web

» KidsKonnect fact list with links to other resources


» Conifers

» Real Trees 4 Kids: Conifers

Biology of plants: growth, parts, pollination, etc.
(diagrams & photos)

» Biology of Plants

» The Great Plant Escape - an online journey of plant discovery


» Root Factory Game
» General Overview of Different Type Plants(build background knowledge)

» Kidport Science reference library


» Intellicast Weather Website w/ interactive map


» Meteorology


» View slideshow of clouds...
(Cloud Appreciation Society Gallery)

» USA Today weather map
(View nationwide temperatures, radar images, precipitation,
fronts, & satellite imagery)


  Simple Machines Digital Media for the classroom

» Scholastic's: Investigate simple machines



» Explore energy

» Learn about circuits


» Electricity (creation, deliver, and its future)

  » Electricity Quiz

» Frankenstein's Electrical Safety Tips
(click on characters to learn what NOT to do)


» BBC - Magnets & Springs

» Explanation of Magnetism


» NASA for kids (Grades K-4)

» Solar System Exploration
(Links to every planet & great pictures)

» Science Screen Report for Kids
(scan for short descriptions & preview videos -
a hint of information to get your curious for research)

» The Solar System (scroll down for videos)

» Cosmos for Kids!

» What's in tonight's sky?