Welcome to William E. Cottle Elementary School

November 17, 2017

Dear Parents:

Pete and I want to thank all of you for your generosity toward our PTA’s “Stuff a Bus” event, which was a privilege to behold.  We certainly want to recognize Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Conybeare for their leadership and guidance.  In all schools there is a written and unwritten curriculum.  Kindness, generosity, and “the Golden Rule” are taught at home, but are also taught and expected here at Cottle.  Our parents, families, and teachers deserve recognition for allowing our school to prioritize these critical attributes of citizenship and humanity.  Through events, large and unseen, one realizes and wonders about how truly special WEC is.  We had the opportunity to really listen to the singing voices of our students this past week.  In one month our Winter Concert will take place, which will be a perfect addition to what we hope is a wonderful holiday season for our families and faculty.