1. Students may only ride the bus assigned to them. If an emergency occurs, and you need a temporary change, you must write a letter requesting the change, stating a reason to the building principal. 
  3. Changes. If your child normally takes the bus and for some reason you need to pick them up at school, a letter must be written to the classroom teacher notifying them of the change. This letter will be forwarded to the main office and the bus company will be notified.


  1. Academy Bus Company is our transportation vendor.
  2. Be on time at your designated bus stop. This begins at home by carefully planning your time so you can leave home at the same time every day. You should plan to get to your bus stop with five minutes to spare. If you need to walk to the bus stop and there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic so you can see and be seen. Once you arrive at your bus stop, wait safely back from the curb. No student is to approach the bus unit it comes to a complete stop and the bus driver indicates it is safe to board. 
  3. Parental supervision is imperative at the bus stops. It is not a time for your children to play or fool around waiting for the bus. At the bus stop remind your child to use the handrail to board, place their seat belts on once they arrive at their seat, and enjoy the short ride to school 
  4. ALL ABOARD! When the driver indicates it is safe to board the bus, children should walk and enter the bus in a single file. Students enter holding the handrail as they board. They are to go directly to their seats and place their seat belts on for the trip to Cottle. All books, bags, bundles, etc. should be placed under their seats and never in the aisles. 
  5. Practice good manners. While the bus is in transit, students must sit quietly in their seats, talking softly with their neighbor. Their arms and legs must remain out of the aisles. No student is to place their hands or head out of the window. Please discuss the danger of this with your children. There will be no eating or drinking permitted on the bus. 
  6. When students arrive at Cottle: All students are to remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop and the driver tells them it’s safe to unbuckle their seat belts. The students are to exit the bus walking in a single line utilizing the handrail as they exit.
  7. Supervision upon arrival: Once the bus arrives at Cottle they will be met by our teaching aides. Students will proceed to the line up spots that are marked on the street. When the weather is inclement we will have the students report to the following areas: K-1 (Auditorium), 2-3 (Cafeteria), 4-5 (Gym). Teaching aides will be stationed throughout the building to ensure a safe orderly entrance by all students.


  1. All students will be walked to their designated bus locations by their classroom teacher. Our teaching aides will supervise the students as they walk and board the buses for the trip home. Students are to adhere to the same procedures listed above for their bus trip home.

Parents must be on time to meet the children when they arrive at their designated bus stop. The bus company has been directed not to leave a child at a stop without a supervising adult to greet them. The children will be brought back to Cottle where we will contact you to pick them up at school. This is to ensure their safety and protection.



The Eastchester Police Department has worked closely with us to implement our new safety precautions around the school. Below is an outline of the changes.

  1. All students should arrive prior to 8:30 a.m.
  2. There will be NO PARKING on school days on Siwanoy Blvd. A parent drop-off and pick-up zone has been created on Siwanoy near the new wing. Signs are posted. This is not a PARKING ZONE, but strictly a pick-up and drop-off zone. 
  3. There will be NO PARKING on one side of Ridge Street. 
  4. Crosswalk zones have been created to safely cross the children.
  5. No Parking zones have been created on Crawford. 
  6. A crossing guard will be stationed on Ridge and Siwanoy.
  7. Ridge St. and Siwanoy Blvd. is the designated drop-off and pick-up point for students. There is a crossing guard stationed at this area to assist students in crossing. 
  8. We will have a teaching aide stationed in the new wing entrance. All kindergarten students will be walked to their classrooms by the teaching aide.
  9. The bus circle is for BUS DROP-OFF ONLY. 
  10. No student is to be dropped off on Crawford Street. This is a very active street and a serious accident could occur.
  11. Walkers: Parents of walkers must establish a safe and regular pattern for walking to and from school. Students should walk to school with a friend or sibling and use sidewalks whenever possible. Students walking to school should walk facing traffic so they can see and be seen.


  1. Parents of walkers should establish a regular pattern for walking home, which children should be instructed to follow. They should walk home with a friend or sibling and use the sidewalk whenever possible.
  2. Dismissal will begin at 3:00 p.m. All walkers and car pick-ups will be dismissed in the New Wing. There will be a teaching aide stationed there to supervise this process. Parents are encouraged to instruct your children where you will be waiting; have them meet you and buckle up to ensure a safe ride home.

For more information on traffic and school bus safety, please click here.


All TASC children will be escorted to the cafeteria where they will be greeted by the TASC staff. Attendance is taken and the students are then walked to the TASC room.

Pick-up for TASC is through the rear parking lot.